Stamps Alive

Scan your stamps and watch Franklin and others come to life on your iOS and Android devices!

4.5 stars on App Store

Stamps AliveApp Store4.5

Stamps Alive is all about bringing your stamp collections to life!

Read about each experience below.

Franklin the Turtle – Maze

Guide Franklin through a 3d-maze with your finger. You will be presented with three mazes of increasing difficulty. The goal is to help Franklin mail his letter! You can purchase your new Franklin stamp booklet here:

Calgary Stampede – Pet Horse

In this experience you point your phone at your stamp and watch a horse appear! You can touch the horse with your finger and watch him react in different ways. You can purchase your new Calgary Stampede stamps here:

Calgary Stampede – Barrel Racing

Point your phone at your Calgary Stampede stamp and participate in your very own barrel race! Guide the cowgirl through the course with your finger and try to beat your time. You can purchase your Calgary Stampede stamps here:

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