Spider-Man’s Web-slinger

Watch Spidey take on the Lizard, or battle the Lizard yourself! Spider-Man comes to life in this latest offering by Ad-Dispatch!

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We teamed up with Marvel and WalMart in this our latest superhero augmented reality experience.

Local and National Press

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Meet Spider-Man at WalMart

Visit Wal-Mart and get your picture taken with Spider-Man. We use signage on DVD pallets to bring Spidey into the store. You can either watch Spidey drop in upside-down while he hangs from his web, or watch him land on a flag-pole and fire his web at your screen!

Fight the Lizard

Use Spidey’s webshooters to defend yourself against the Lizard! The longer you last, the higher your score. Play again and again and try to beat your own highest score!

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